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Bringing things to fruition

Hello there,


For a long time now, I've had the desire to see how my designs would look etched into wood. Back in March this year, I was contacted on Facebook by Dawn of local company MD Laser Works, who were fairly new, and had seen my work on my page, loved it, and were reaching out to let me know they existed, should I ever have the urge to try laser etching.


Fast forward a few months, and we've had a few meet ups, lots of laughs and chats, meeting Larry the laser, and oh my goodness, my dreams have become reality!


Initially, I had put off contacting them, because I know just how detailed my designs can be, and didn't think that they would translate fully through laser etching. How wrong I was! The things that Larry can do!


Granted, there have been a few design tweaks along the way, aswell as a fairly steep learning curve for me, as this is the first time I've sent my designs to anyone for them to be produced, other than as cards.


Once I was educated in the ways of Larry, and realised just how detailed he can go, my mind exploded with the possibilities. A number of samples were ordered, amended, and remade, and I have some striking products heading my way in the very near future..including a Christmas decoration which I am delighted with. Honestly, I'm so happy with how everything has turned out, I could burst!


First up though - and very fitting I believe, it being at the core of who I am - is the most beautiful, etched wooden brooch, with the word Create at it's centre.


Imagine my utter delight, when I realised that my designs could have cut out areas, even on something as small as this. The translation from sketched design to final product has far exceeded my expectations...this small wooden brooch fully embodies my delicate, lace like signature style, whilst being wonderfully sturdy.


I hope you love it as much as I do!


I have placed a small order of these, and have listed the brooch in my shop for preorder until Friday 12th October, at a special price of £8 including delivery within the UK. If you want in on the first batch of these, you can order yours here.


For all of you who love a look at my creative process, I've added photos below of a few of the stages between initial sketch and the realisation of my little but happy dream.


Until next time,








my original sketch on scrappy paper with my thoughts doodled down the side


the first sample


wearing my brooch with a smile!





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