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I'm Sarah, an artist, designer and illustrator working from my spare room studio in a village in North Yorkshire.
I can't remember a time in my life when I haven't been drawing or creating in some way. Growing up in a family where creativity was a part of everyday life, I didn't fully appreciate how lucky I was. My dad was a sales rep who was also talented artist, and my mum was the home maker, part time worker, as well as one of those incredible women who cooked, baked, sewed, crafted and made do and mended their way through the 70s and beyond. Mum made my clothes and even my bridesmaids' dresses, Dad's art was around the home, and Mum's sisters were all of a similar ilk. From make do and mend, to my nana rustling up costumes for dance recitals and am-dram productions, I lived and breathed creativity.
It was only as I got older that I realised how privileged I'd been, not realising that everyone's home life wasn't the same. As any other family, we had our dark times and our struggles, but there was always creativity to fall back on and help us through.
Sadly it didn't occur to me to study art at university, and instead went on to study accounting - it can be very creative too, so I've heard ; ) - and it was a good few years after I'd got my degree, that I refound my love of creating, and it has been my constant companion through the years to the present day.
After a number of years concentrating on handmade products, I recently made the leap of faith and self belief to concentrate on my art, taking it to the next level...and the shift up has felt so good.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, would like to enquire about my creating a unique piece specially for you, or you just fancy a chat...email me at sarah@sarahfitton.com.